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Hello and welcome to my website!

If you've visited recently, you'll be happy to find a few updates, including new information about my books.

I'm excited to share that LIFESAVING LESSONS--the story of my greatest battle with nature, a newly adopted teenage daughter--is availalble. There are links to purchase the hardcover version.

My latest cookbook, THE MAINE SUMMERS COOKBOOK, is a delightful (and delicious) collaboration with my mother, Martha Greenlaw. After having such fun working on our previous cookbook, RECIPES FROM A VERY SMALL ISLAND, we couldn't resist coming together again to share more of the dishes that make summers on Isle Au Haut so special. We hope you enjoy the recipes, including mint sparkling lemonade, mile-high strawberry pie, and--of course--fresh blackened swordfish with blueberry chutney--as much as we do.

I'm also excited to share that SEAWORTHY--the story of my return to swordfishing after ten years close to shore--is available. There are discussion guides and links to purchase the paperback or the hardcover version.

For photos, news, and other information, you can follow me on Twitter (@lindagreenlaw) and join my Facebook page too!

Thanks for your visit!


Famed swordfish boat captain Linda Greenlaw faces her greatest battle with nature—a newly adopted teenage daughter

Linda Greenlaw isn’t a woman who shies away from a challenge—a nationally renowned swordfish boat captain made famous in the film The Perfect Storm, Greenlaw is also a bestselling author and a television celebrity. Through hard work and determination, she had created a life of peaceful independence, living on a rugged island off the coast of Maine… Read more.