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The exciting debut of a snappy, spirited, and irresistible mystery series from beloved and bestselling author Linda Greenlaw

In her bestselling nonfiction book All Fishermen Are Liars, Linda Greenlaw confessed a desire to write fiction -- and readers responded with an enthusiastic "Please do!" At last, she satisfies their hunger with this sharp-witted, compulsively readable mystery, the first in a series featuring marine investigator Jane Bunker.

When Jane moves back to the sleepy Maine fishing community where she was born, it's to escape the seamy crime scenes and unsavory characters that crossed her path in Miami. Surely whatever crimes are committed in touristy, idyllic Green Haven won't involve anything as nasty as what she saw in Florida. It's a bit of a shock, then, when Nick Dow, the town drunk, turns up dead, and it's not the simple accident that everyone assumes it to be. Jane soon discovers that Dow wasn't even a drunk -- it was all an act. But why? And what does it have to do with a heated town hall meeting about fishing rights and paternity suits? The more Jane digs, the more confused she gets. Only two things are certain: Nothing is what it seems; and the whole town is in each other's business. But it's not until Jane impulsively hops on a boat with the killer -- a boat that suddenly heads out to sea -- that things become downright dangerous . . .

As she proved in The Hungry Ocean, no one knows the sea like Linda Greenlaw. And as she proved in The Lobster Chronicles, no one has a better way with the telling details of Maine village life. This new mystery series features everything readers want: a great setting, wonderful characters, an authentic and original detective -- and a story that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

"Greenlaw is a terrific spinner of sea stories . . . Suspense is her friend, and she plays with pace like an old pro."
-New York Times Book Review

"[Greenlaw] invests enough life in her characters to do a full-time scribbler proud (she still captains a lobster boat) and to have brought moisture to my eye."
-Boston Magazine

"She's a rare and welcome voice in the maritime world."
-Seattle Times

"Greenlaw's writing is appealing, her style easy and pleasant . . . Endearing, amusing, excruciating, and awe-inspiring."
-Rocky Mountain News