Linda Greenlaw: Cowboy of the Sea
By Jessica Layne, All Things New England
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Profile: Linda Greenlaw
By Chelsea Holden Baker, Maine Magazine

In this interview Linda Greenlaw discusses jail, George Clooney, and catching 300-pound fish in the May 2010 issue of Maine Magazine.

5 questions for Linda Greenlaw
By Bob Minzesheimer, USA TODAY
  1. Is fiction easier than non-fiction?
    No. That's what I thought, but it's harder. It's totally different to look at a blank screen. For the first time, I needed an outline. I was 100 pages into it, and I had a dead body and didn't know who did it or why.

  2. Does writing interfere with fishing?
    A lot. I need to write the first thing every day. My fishing has become very much part time. I find it refreshing, a break from the writing. But for right now, fishing is in the margins of my life. To write well, writing has to be your top priority.

  3. How much are you like your main character, Jane Bunker (a Florida detective who returns home to Maine to become a marine insurance investigator)?
    Not much. I was never a detective, never lived in Florida. But like me, she has no special God-given abilities. She knows how to work. Persistence and determination get her through. I'm like that.

  4. Since you have written about your search for a romantic mate, how's your love life?
    Thanks for asking. It's good. I have a real special guy. I'm in better shape than Jane is.

  5. What's on top of your summer reading list?
    Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything.

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